5 Axis Laser Cutting

The TruLaser 7040 is one of the top 5 Axis Laser Cutting machines available. At Precision Laser Processing we have a team of specialists ready to design and process your components.


With the TruLaser Cell we offer a highly flexible 5-axis laser machine with which you can two- or three-dimensionally cut and weld. From the prototype through the production of large components, this multi-talented machine displays its superiority. This applies especially to the economical laser machining of small to medium sized components in best quality.
Our 5 axis laser cutting machine is essentially at the top when it comes to the latest in laser cutting technology. It is mainly used to cut tricky spinnings, and formed tube but the options are limitless, and it is a machine which marks a big improvement in the manufacturing industry.


Laser cutting flat bed- sheet sizes up to 3000×1500 materials mild steel up to 25mm thick, stainless steel up to 20mm thick and aluminium up to 12mm thick. We can also process Titanium up to 5mm thick.


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